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By Alexander Delrey | SEO Expert. Founder and CEO of iWEBi.GROUP


How Artificial Intelligence Has Affected Search Engines

Artificial intelligence is actively used in search engines, which makes it possible to complicate them and provide more accurate results at the request of users. 


Machine Learning Technologies

Machine learning is a special way to train a computer to solve certain problems without the use of programming. Jean-Philippe Courtois, President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Operations of Microsoft said at the Artificial Intelligence Journey…

How to enter the world market with a new wine brand

How to enter the world market with a new wine brand?

Yes, it is extremely difficult for a young wine brand to break through to the national, and even more to the world level, because of the intense competition and the high cost of advertising services.


Industry 4.0: The Future Of IT

According to futurologists, the basic technologies for the sixth technological mode will be: artificial intelligence, robotics, additive technologies , photonics , augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, cryptocurrencies…

Rank Brain – AI technology from Google

Rank Brain – AI technology from Google

This technology, which was created as part of the Hummingbird project, has been operating since 2015.



One of the most common problems that can be found on any website are error pages. They occur for various reasons, such as high server load, also known as “500 errors,” or requests for pages that cannot be found on the site – “404 errors.”


Website localization

When expanding your business internationally, there is a common misconception that optimization, particularly technical SEO optimization, should be done as soon as the site is online.


Ai Impact on SEO

  • The impact of artificial intelligence on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A well-designed, easy-to-navigate website is useless if no one can find it. If your company is going to succeed in the web economy, optimizing your site for search engine visibility is essential.
In this book, I provide you with proven guidelines and cutting-edge techniques for planning and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy. I clearly explain SEO fundamentals, while correcting many common misconceptions. If you are new to SEO, you’ll get a complete and thorough SEO education, as well as an array of effective tactics, from basic to advanced. Seasoned practitioners will find this book useful as a complete reference to SEO best practices. (Author: A. Delrey)

Ai Impact on SEO - Alexander Safonov

Scientific Articles and Conferences

"Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Beginning"

Scientific journal “Zaŝita information. Inside” (reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia).

The magazine is included in the Russian System of Scientific Citation and in abstract databases. It contains articles regarding information security topics such as the following:

  • Computer systems security
  • Technical data protection
  • Information systems and code audit
  • Cyber security etc.

Each article has a block where the author’s contact details (including email) are presented. The magazine is printed on a white cameo-coated paper with comfortable reading format and type, on the equipment of offset polygraphy.

Industry 4.0: the future of the IT sector.

Scientific journal “Social novelties & Social sciences” (reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia). The report will be published in the English and Russian versions of the journal “Social novelties & Social sciences” and Institute of Scientific Information Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences).


• Aleksandr Safonov (MSIT, project manager for software development and digital marketing at IWEBI GROUP, USA); • Artamonova Elena Vladimirovna (Ph.D., head of the Internet project in the field of information security, Belarus).

Institute of Scientific Information for Social Science of the Russian Academy of Science (INION RAN).

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